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The Maker Board Designed For DIY Robot Makers

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SLAM Navigator and Map + Realtime Video/Audio Streaming

CrazyPi has the SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) system. When you put CrazyPi into a new environment, CrazyPi can locate and draw the map itself by using 4k points/s Lidar. At the same time, you can watch in real-time 720P video from anywhere in the world.

Works with Raspberry Pi

In addition to using CrazyPi as the robot core board, we also offer specialized shield board that can turn Raspberry Pi into a Robot. It enables Raspberry Pi to remotely control application service like CrazyPi does. You can make whatever you like with your coding skills!

Remote by Cloud

CrazyPi can be connected via Wi-Fi or 4G-LTE, so you can control it even from the other side of the world. You can connect and control CrazyPi using our website, iOS and Android app.

Driver Free Accessories with USB & Magnetic

Our motherboard is designed with magnets – which makes it extremely easy to setup your own robot. CrazyPi has many plug-and-play driver-free USB accessories. Forget about screwdrivers and focus on your robot.

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